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Welcome to CMC, the dental cabinetry and worktop specialists. With over sixty years combined experience designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke dental cabinetry and worktops, CMC is perfectly placed to assist with any project large or small.

Tailored solutions

It’s our job to turn your vision into a reality.

Whether it’s a reception desk, dental surgery or decontamination room, we have the expertise to create unique workspaces that combine practicality with contemporary aesthetics.

Pride & Precision.

Here at CMC we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and the quality of our products. Whether it’s bespoke dental equipment housing or a simple storage unit, the quality of our components are never compromised.

Welcome to CMC, the UK’s specialists in dental cabinetry and worktops. With comprehensive expertise in designing, manufacturing, and installing bespoke dental cabinetry and worktops, CMC actively transforms your vision into commercial reality. Boasting an impressive client portfolio and a history of premium service throughout the UK’s dental sector, CMC consistently delivers customised solutions on time, on spec, and within budget. Working with everyone from independent operators to multisite corporates, CMC collaborates across various business types, applying the same professional and consultative approach to every project, regardless of size.

Industry specific solutions

Explore industry-leading dental cabinets tailored specifically for modern dental practices. Our custom solutions blend innovative design with practical functionality to enhance your workspace, ensuring each cabinet meets the high standards required in the dental field.

Detail in design

We offer comprehensive design support services, from site surveys to 3D modeling, ensuring thorough analysis of every project aspect before starting. Our approach embodies the principle, “Measure twice, cut once.”


Aqualine, exclusive to CMC, is a hygienic, lightweight, and waterproof material, perfect for constructing nearly all our dental cabinetry. It’s especially suited for high humidity areas like dental decontamination rooms or environments where cabinets frequently contact liquids.

Innovation and evolution

CMC proudly leads in dental cabinetry innovation. From the introduction of aqualine™, our waterproof sheet material to new cabinet designs that enhance interactions within dental workspaces. CMC continuously aims to improve the user experience for dentists and dental nurses.

Solid Surface Solutions

Our solid surface materials open up endless possibilities for unique worktop designs. With their chemical, stain, and heat resistance, they are perfect for high-traffic environments. Whether it’s Corian or Hi-Macs, we offer a solid surface solution for every application.

First impressions

Investing in a well-designed reception area can significantly boost your clientele’s confidence. As the primary interaction point, the design and ambiance of your reception set the tone for client experiences. Take time to consider what your reception says about your business.

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