Introducing CMC

Founded in 2002 by Neil Blackmore and Daniel Balfour, CMC was created due to a strong demand in the dental and medical markets for reliable cabinetry provision and installation services. Having worked for numerous distributors and direct clients over the years, they realised that they had all the resources at their disposal to create a business that really addressed the needs of the sector, and this was the driving force behind CMC’s inception.

Since then the company has diversified into the veterinary, retail and hospitality sectors  offering 360 design and installaion services  to a range of business types.

At it’s core, CMC is a business that takes pride in every aspect of it’s operations. Whether it’s a consultation, a manufacturing process or ongoing client support CMC take the time to ensure they deliver a first class service at evey stage of the process.

It’s this dedication to their craft that has seen the company go from strength to strength over the last seventeen years, and the future looks even stronger as we constantly strive to innovate, improve and impress.